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Founded: 2015

Call: +91 8939352470

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About us

RK Umarlai Khalsa is a books publisher at Chennai, India. It was commenced in the year 2015 by Mr. Ramesh Kumar P (author & Owner) of RK Umarlai Khalsa.


It main core business is to publish book and sell them on online on maximum platform.


Currently we published three books namely;

  • Sciencewood (2018)
  • Indian Agricultural: Growth, Generation, Policy & Problem (2018)
  • RK Umarlai Khalsa Magazine (2019)

We are consistently publishing book on current market need and also changes in affairs of Government.


About RK Umarlai Khalsa


Started in the year 2015 with an vision of ''Making Reader an Interested'' and object of ''Tranforming Readers towards Digital''.


Industry                                     : Book Seller

Moto                                          : Let's make individual together

Commenced DD/MM/YYYY      : 01 June 2015

Owner                                       : Ramesh Kumar P

headquarter                              : Chennai, India


Our Inspiration Swami Vivekananda


“Stand up, be bold, and take the blame on your own shoulders. Do not go about throwing mud at other; for all the faults you suffer from, you are the sole and only cause.”